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Fourth Generation


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Family Members List Page
The Eanes Family

4-1 William EANES, son of John and Mary Gill Eanes, born July 4, 1785 in Chesterfield County, Virginia. Died between January 29 and March 8, 1824 in Chesterfield County, Virginia.
MARRIAGE to Elizabeth Ann Britton on December 5, 1810 by Benjamin Devaney. Elizabeth Ann Britton was the daughter of John Britton, a first counsin to William. Elizabeth Ann survived her husband and died on September 25, 1835.
5-1 F [i] Mary Jane EANES, born March 21, 1812.
5-2 M [ii] John Britton EANES, born 1813.
5-3 M [iii] Ottaway Oscar EANES.