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The Eanes Family

3-1 John EANES, son of William and Jane Eanes, born October 10, 1745 in Henrico County (later Chesterfield County), Virginia. Died July 11, 1802 in Chesterfield County, Virginia. It is to this John that Richard Henry Eanes believed the Simonson notes could be attributed. John and his brothers, Edward and William, were very prominent in Chesterfied County during their time. There are many entries in the official records pertaining to their transactions.
First Marriage: To Mary GILL (daughter of Daniel Gill). May 12, 1782.
Second Marriage: To Margaret DODD. January 23, 1790.
Third Marriage: To Sarah DODD(?). Date unknown.
By Mary Gill. Mary Gill must have died about 1788-1789.
4-1 M [i] William EANES.
4-2 F [ii] Sukey Gibbs EANES, born March 27, 1788.
By Margaret Dodd. Margaret Dodd must have died 1792-1798.
4-3 M [iii] John EANES, born October 23, 1790. Bound out as an orphan in 1804?
4-4 F [iv] Tenny (Jane) EANES, born March 9, 1792.
By Sarah Dodd. Sarah Dodd died 1809-1810. Will probated 1810.
4-5 F [v] Lucy Anne EANES, born September 16, 1799. Died May 30, 1803.
4-6 M [vi] James Henry EANES, born April 19, 1802.