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Family Members List Page
The Eanes Family

1-1 Edward EANES, born prior to 1700
BRISTOL PARISH REGISTER first lists he and his wife when their children were christened.
PROPERTY originally located in Henrico County, Virginia part of which was later used to form Chesterfield County in 1748. His land was located on the Second Branch of Swift Creek not far from Chesterfield Courthouse. His land was distributed to his sons. See VIRGINIA LAND BOOKS, Book No. 12, p. 322 (1724-1726); Book No. 18, p. 261 (1738-1739). A total of 525 acres. See CHESTERFIELD WILL BOOK 1, p. 242.
MARRIAGE to Mary (surname unknown).
2-1 M [i] William EANES.
2-2 M [ii] Henry EANES, born before 1723.
2-3 M [iii] Edward EANES, born January 5, 1723. Baptised April 14, 1723.
2-4 M [iv] John EANES, born July 2, 1725. Baptised September 26, 1725. Perhaps died young.
2-5 F [v] Elizabeth EANES, born May 6, 1727. Baptised October 11, 1727.
2-6 M [vi] Thomas EANES, born February 7, 1728.
2-7 M [vii] Josiah EANES, born June 13, 1733. Baptised September 8, 1733. Died during or shortly after the Valley Forge Campaign of 1777-1778 of the American Revolution in which he served as a soldier.
2-8 F [viii] Phebe EANES, born before 1723.
2-9 F [ix] Mary EANES, born before 1723.
2-10 F [x] Mother of Ann BLANKENSHIP, born before 1723.