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The Eanes Family

2-1 William EANES, born prior to 1723 in Henrico County, Virginia (later Chesterfield County). Died before 1783.
Not mentioned in the BRISTOL PARISH REGISTER, but received first land on September 6, 1751 from his father, Edward EANES, and is mentioned by his father in his will. See CHESTERFIELD DEED BOOK 1, p. 263). It is believed he was the oldest of Edward's children. He is mentioned in the Simonson notes along with definite dates of births and deaths of his children, except Ann who married Gill.
The Simonson notes that are referred to above is a little memorandum book which Mary Simonson gave to Richard Henry Eanes in 1925. It had come into her possession from her mother, Mary Jane Eanes Wells. This little book must have been written by John Eanes (3-1) for all of the entries in it are in one handwritting until 1802. After that time, entries are in different hand writings. John Eanes died in 1802. He must at that time have been trying to do what Richard Henry Eanes did so many years later by making a written record of the people that be knew were of the same blood. A copy of the Simonson notes has been filed in the Archives of the Library of Virginia in Richmond.
3-1 M [i] John EANES.
3-2 M [ii] William EANES, born May 16, 1748.
3-3 F [iii] Mary EANES, born September 28, 1753. Died December 2, 1817.
3-4 M [iv] Edward EANES, born July 11, 1755.
3-5 F [v] Ann EANES, born August 24, 1757. Married Edward Gill February 18, 1786.
3-6 F [vi] Martha EANES, born December 19, 1759.
3-7 M [vii] James Gill EANES, born May 11, 1772. Died October 26, 1772.