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Tenth Generation


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The Eanes Family

10-700. Stephen Royce JACKSON , born January 14, 1962 to Patricia Lee Eanes and Royce Leake Jackson, Jr. in Richmond, Virginia. Stephen Royce graduated from Douglas Freeman High School in Henrico County, Virginia. He received his Bachelor of Arts Degree with Distinction from the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia. He received a Juris Doctor degree from the T. C. Wiilliams School of Law of the University of Richmond and is licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth of Virginia. He lives in Suffolk, Virginia and is engaged in the practice of law with a firm in Norfolk, Virginia.

MARRIAGE to Courtney Hale Middleton of Callao, Virginia on May 26, 2001 at Evelynton Plantation in Charles City County, Virginia.