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The Eanes Family

5-3 Ottoway Oscar EANES, son of William and Elizabeth Ann Britton Eanes, born March 19, 1818 in Chesterfield County, Virginia. Died near Chula in Amelia County, Virginia on January 13, 1899. He is buried in Maurys Cemetary, Richmond, Virginia.

Ottaway Oscar's father, William Eanes, died when he was six years old and he was raised by Judge Cox near Winterpock in Chesterfield County, Virginia. When he had become a man, he moved into Amelia County and came into possession of a farm on the rise above the Appomattox River about one mile west of Goode's Bridge. All of his children were born there and he lived there until, in his declining years, he moved to Manchester, Virginia (now Southside Richmond) where he lived at 13th and Decatur Streets. He died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. John Fowlkes, in Amelia County.
When the War Between the States came, he was past the military age; however, his eldest son, John Edward, then just 18 enlisted. Later in the War, when the age limits were extended, he then, still older, enlisted in the Confederate Army.

The War Department records, under date of July 13th, gives his military record as the following:

A. G. 201. Eanes, O. O. (7/3/31) ORD 1st Ind. LIB/ORD War Department, A.G.O., July 13, 1931 - To Major Richard H. Eanes, Medical Corps, U.S. Army General Dispensary, Army Base, Boston, Mass. 1. The records show that O. O. Eanes (Name not borne as Ottowary Oscar Eanes) enlisted April 23, 186_ [probably 1864, also shown as May 10, 186_] at Amelia Court House, as a sergeant in Co. H. 1st [Farinholt's] Regiment Virginia Reserves, Confederate States Army. Muster roll for January and February, 1865, the last roll on file, shows him absent, on 15 day furlough, a private. His name appears on a register of Receiving and Wayside Hospital, or General Hospital No. 9, Richmond, Virginia, which shows that he was admitted March 19, 1865, and was transferred March 20, 1865 to Chimborazo Hospital No. 3, Richmond, Virginia. No later record of him has been found. 2. The collection of Confederate records on file in this Department is far from complete, and failure to find the name of any person thereon is by no means conclusive proof that the person who bore that name did not serve as stated during some period not covered by the records on file.
By order of the Secretary of War
/s/ Perry C. Ragan,
Adjutant General

Ottoway Oscar's second wife, Elizabeth Ann Dance, often told her grandson, Richard Henry Eanes, how she went to Richmond and took Ottoway Oscar from Chimborazo Hospital to home. Richard Henry Eanes' father-in-law, Lilburn W. Reams, of Powhatan County, Virginia, a young man of 17 in 1863, joined the same organization and knew him. He told Richard Henry Eanes of some of their experiences during the War.
Richard Henry Eanes knew his grandfather, Ottoway Oscar, personally for he was nine years old when he died in 1899. He remembered him as an old man, respectful in appearance and demeanor, who kept Richard on his best behavior by threatening he would give him to the Yankees when they came again unless he behaved well. Richard recalls when Ottoway Oscar's son, John Edward Eanes, came from Mississippi to attend a Confederate Reunion in Richmond about 1896. This was the only time, to Richard's knowledge, that the two were joined together after John went to Mississippi to live.


First Marriage: To Phebe Ann Webster on February 24, 1840 in Amelia County, Virginia. Alfred Webster was their security. Phebe Ann Webster Eanes died about 1850.

Second Marriage: To Elizabeth Ann Dance on August 2, 1855 in Chesterfield County, Virginia. Elizabeth Ann Dance was the daughter of William and Sarah Dance. The couple was married by T. S. D. Covington. Elizabeth Ann Dance Eanes survived her husband and died in Birmingham, Alabama in 1911. She is buried there. It was Elizabeth Ann that Richard Henry Eanes credits with arousing his curiousity and inspired him when he was just a child to find the names and make a record of the family. She was a very proper person, beloved by all who knew her, and perhaps as near a perfect mother and step mother as any woman could be. In his childhood, Richard Henry Eanes spent many hours with her while she told him of the members of the family, the slaves, life on a Virginia farm before the War and of General Robert E. Lee's appearance as he stopped in the yard when he was on his way to the fateful Appomattox meeting.


By Phebe Ann Webster who died between 1850 and 1853.
6-11 F [i] Martha E. EANES, born May 23, 1841 in Amelia County, Virginia. Died September 5, 1907. Never married.
6-12 M [ii] John Edward EANES, born February 20, 1843 in Amelia County, Virginia. Died April 17, 1900 in Ripley, Mississippi.
6-13 F [iii] Mary Jane EANES, born May 14, 1845 in Amelia County, Virginia. Died January 3, 1893 in Manchester, Virginia (now Southside Richmond). Buried in Maurys Cemetary in Richmond, Virginia. She married Tom Mat Moore and they lived on Decatur Street between 13th and 14th Streets.
6-14 M [iv] William Lexington EANES.
6-15 M [v] Thomas Campbell EANES, born October 15, 1850 in Amelia County, Virginia. Died April 17, 1908. Married Willie FOWLKES, sister to John FOWLKES who married Lucy Eanes (6-17). They lived in Chesterfield County, where Thomas farmed not far from Goode's Bridge. His family was raised at that place, known as the Gresham Place.
6-16 F [vi] Margaret A. EANES, born April 22, 1853 in Amelia County, Virginia. Died when she was about twelve years old.

By Elizabeth Ann Dance who died in 1911.
6-17 F [vii] Lucy Henry EANES, born June 4, 1856 in Amelia County, Virginia. Died October 26, 1933 in Amelia County, Virginia. She is buried near her home at Moors Church. She married John FOWLKES. They lived in Amelia County, Virginia near Chula and their large family of girls was raised there.
6-18 M [viii] Oscar Britton EANES, born August 30, 1858 in Amelia County, Virginia. Died October 14, 1934 in Richmond, Virginia as a result of being struck by an automobile. Married Julia Edwin WILKINSON, daughter of Dr.David Malcolm Wilkinson, on November 3, 1886 in Bedford County, Virginia.They lived in Richmond and raised their family there.
6-19 M [ix] James Henry EANES, born March 9, 1863. Married about September, 1887. Died October 20, 1887 of typhoid fever. No issue.
6-20 M [x] Frank EANES, born May 15, 1868 in Amelia County, Virginia. Married to Mollie HORSELEY, who died about 1896. Second marriage to Erma Plant of Birmingham, Alabama. They lived in Birmingham until after World War I and then moved to Lakeland, Florida. Died on ____.