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The Eanes Family

8-237 Joseph Cabell EANES, son of William Henry and Gertrude Roberts EANES, born January 2, 1909. Died on _____ in Mechanicsville, Virginia. Joseph Cabell lived in Richmond and later in Mechanicsville, Virginia on the Pamunkey River, where he was engaged in the advertising business. He was a founding partner of the advertising agency of Cabell Eanes located in Richmond, Virginia.
First Marriage: To Mae McCormick of Long Island, New York. The couple was divorced.
Second Marriage: To Lillian Korman.
By Mae McCormick.
9-666 F [i] Patricia Lee EANES.
9-667 M [ii] Joseph Cabell EANES, Jr., born March 2, 1935. Married to Carolyn ___.
9-668 M [iii] William Henry EANES, II, born November 13, 1937. Never Married. William Henry II is a Senior Vice-President with Crestar Bank in Alexandria, Virginia in the Trusts and Estates Division. He has spent his entire career with the Bank starting when it was State Planters Bank in Richmond. He maintains residences in Alexandria and on Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia. William Henry II is active in the arts community of Richmond and a member of Cathedral of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Richmond.
By Lillian Korman.
9-669 F [iv] Lili Kay EANES, born ______. Married to David Irving. The couple lives in Mechanicsville, Virginia at the home of Joseph Cabell, Jr. and Lilliam Korman Eanes on the Pamunkey River. They have a son, Jonathan David Irving born June 6, 1996.