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The Eanes Family


This early map of Amelia County shows the Appomatox River forming the boundary with Chesterfield County and the Goode's Bridge Road (present day Va.Route 360). The Eanes property bordered Goode's Bridge over the Appomatox. (Map Collection of the Virginia State Library)

7-60 William Henry EANES, son of William Lexington and Martha Henrietta Flippen Eanes, born February 5, 1872 in Amelia County, Virginia. Died August 22, 1940 in Amelia County, Virginia. Buried at Forest Lawn Cemetary in Richmond, Virginia.
MARRIAGE to Gertrude Roberts of Richmond, Virginia. They lived in Richmond and then in Amelia County, Virginia on the main Richmond-Danville Road (Route 360) on the rise above the Appomattox River just south of Goode's Bridge. This was on the opposite side of the road from the home place of Ottoway Oscar Eanes. The Richmond Times Dispatch had this to say of William Henry Eanes in its edition of August 23, 1940:
William Henry Eanes, a pioneer in the retail plumbing business in Richmond, died Thursday at his home, Rocky Heights, Amelia County. A resident of Richmond for more than fifty years, he was an active worker in Tabernacle Baptist Church here, and at the time of his death was superintendent of the Sunday School, treasurer, and a deacon of Arbor Baptist Church, Amelia County.
8-234 F [i] Ruth Ines EANES, born February 21, 1898. Married to Mason Booth.
8-235 F [ii] Pauline Blanton EANES, born August 11, 1900. Never Married.
8-236 M [iii] William Horace EANES, born September 15, 1902. Married to Mrs. Coleman.
8-237 M [iv] Joseph Cabell EANES.


Gertrude Roberts, wife of
William Henry Eanes


Ruth Ines Eanes (aged 3)