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The Eanes Family

6-14 William Lexington EANES, son of Ottoway Oscar and Phebe Ann Webster Eanes, born April 27, 1848 in Amelia County, Virginia. Died October 6, 1940 in Amelia County, Virginia. When the War Between the States was approaching its termination, William Lexington saw some service in the neighborhood of his home. He was following in Lee's retreat to keep out of the way of the Federal Army when the end came. He was a very successful farmer in Amelia County for many years.
First Marriage: To Martha Henrietta Flippen on April 25, 1871. She died on September 20, 1887.
Second Marriage: To Betsy Goode Condry on June 1, 1892.

By Martha Henrietta Flippen.
7-60 M [i] William Henry EANES.
7-61 M [ii] Benjamin Oscar EANES, born October 6, 1873. Died February 14, 1917. Married Leta Burton of Bristol, Virginia. No issue.
7-62 M [iii] Edwin Thomas EANES, born September 30, 1875 in Amelia County, Virginia. Died July 18, 1927 in Richmond, Virginia. Married Bessie Jacobs of Richmond, Virginia. They lived in Richmond and Edwin Thomas was an employee of the United States Postal Service.
7-63 M [iv] John Webster EANES, born April 9, 1883. Died October 7, 1918. Never married.

By Betsy Goode Condry.
7-64 F [v] Henrietta Virginia EANES, born August 13, 1894. Married to Morton Mercer on November 3, 1913. Morton Mercer lived only a short time. Henrietta Virginia then lived with her father at Chula in Amelia County, Virginia.
7-65 M [vi] Robert Carl EANES, born November 25,. 1901. Married to Pearl Oscar Eanes (8-242), daughter of Phillip Eanes They lived in Richmond, VIrginia.


Benjamin Oscar Eanes (1873-1917)


Edwin Thomas Eanes (1875-1927)